BAGSMART Double Layer Organizer Electronics Accessories

The BAGSMART Travel Cable Organizer is perfect for travelers who are focused on organization and convenience. With two separate compartments, it can store all of your essential items while keeping them organized and easily accessible. The durable and water-resistant material will protect your belongings from damage during travel, and the various mesh pockets provide ample space for storing smaller items.

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  • The BAGSMART Electronic Organizer is a multifunctional bag that can be used as a travel checklist.
  • It has double layers of protection against shock and damage, including a high quality polyester exterior and inner lining.
  • The mesh pockets in this organizer are designed to hold various types of media devices, including iPads, Kindles, SD cards, and USB sticks.
  • This bag is also perfect for holding longer cables and wires.
  • Finally, the organizer has a multi-purpose design that allows for maximum packing efficiency.


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  • Double Compartments For Storage
  • Mesh Pockets For Storage
  • Various Rubber Bands To Prevent Tangling
  • Protection
  • Travel Helper
  • Space Saving


  • May Be Too Small For Some People