Blu Monaco White Wooden Organizer

The perfect way to organize your home and keep your life simple is with the Blu Monaco White Wooden Mail Organizer. With its three tier design, it can hold all of your bills, letters, and other important documents. It’s perfect for use as a kitchen counter organizer or on the shelf.

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  • The Blu Monaco Cute Decorative Mail Organizer has a three tier design and can hold A4 size paper.
  • It is made of white wood with MAIL on the front.
  • The organizer has a rustic country chic design.
  • It comes with five compartments for ultimate organization.
  • This product makes an excellent small desk storage item.


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  • Organize Your Incoming And Outgoing Mail
  • Keeps A Clean House
  • Comes With A Frontal Slots For Easy Access
  • The Size Is Great


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