Frigidaire EFR376-CORAL Retro Bar Fridge Refrigerator with Side

The Frigidaire EFR376-CORAL Retro Bar Fridge is a compact refrigerator that is perfect for storing all of your snacks and beverages. With its 3. 2 cubic foot capacity, this fridge can hold everything you need for an entire party. The built-in bottle opener makes opening bottles a breeze, while the slide out shelf provides ample space for organizing your food and drinks. The adjustable thermostat allows you to control the temperature inside the fridge, so you can keep your food fresh and crisp.

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  • The Frigidaire EFR376-CORAL has a compact retro style that makes it ideal for small spaces.
  • It features a builtin bottle opener and adjustable thermostat to control the temperature of your food.
  • There are also two slide out shelves inside the fridge so you can easily access items.
  • Finally, this fridge has an interior freezer compartment which keeps ice at the ready or your frozen treat nice and chilled.


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  • Compact
  • Retro Style
  • Built In Bottle Opener
  • Slide Out Shelf
  • Adjustable Thermostat


  • May Be Too Cold For Some Drinks