Organizer Waterproof Electronic Accessories Charger

The Electronic Organizer Waterproof Portable Travel Cable Accessories Bag is a perfect way to keep all your electronic devices organized and protected while traveling. This bag is made of high-quality nylon and features a waterproof exterior that protects your belongings from accidental spills or splashes. It also comes with 10 cable ties so you can keep your cords together and out of sight.

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  • The Sunsir Electronic accessories cable organizer bag is a waterproof bag designed to keep all your electronics safe and secure while on the go.
  • The bag features a full protective splash water material coating as well as a zipper closure.
  • The bag also includes 7 rubber rings and 5 mesh pockets for storing cables, batteries, headphone cables, USB memory sticks, etc.
  • Finally, the expansion storage bag at the rear of the cable organizer bag contains an EVA foam that absorbs shock and protects your small electronic device.


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  • Sturdy And Durable
  • Large Space
  • Splash Water Material Protects Your Items
  • Zipper Closure Ensures Your Items Secure


  • The Bag Is Big Enough For Keeping Lots Of Electronic Accessories
  • The Pocket In Back For Portable Charger