OrgaWise Electronic Accessories Three Layer Three Layer Grey

The OrgaWise Electronics Organizer is perfect for organizing all of your electronics. With three layers of protection, this bag will keep your devices safe from water damage or theft. It’s easy to use and comes in a variety of colors so you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

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  • The OrgaWise Electronics Storage Bag has three layers: an inner nylon zip compartment, an outer polyester foam padding layer, and an additional mesh dustproof layer on top.
  • The bag is designed to hold various items like cables, memory cards, hard drives, adapters, and pens.
  • The dimensions of the bag are 28x21x9cm.
  • Made from nylon and polyester materials, this versatile bag can withstand some shock and impact while still remaining sturdy.
  • The OrgaWise Electronics Travel Organizer is equipped with a retractable hand strap and can be carried by itself or attached to another bag.


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  • Keeps Things Organized
  • Provides Excellent Protection For Your Devices
  • Large Capacity
  • Premium Material


  • Not A True Framed Case