STAIGIS Beverage Refrigerator – Freestanding, Glass Door

The STAIGIS Beverage Refrigerator is perfect for small spaces. With a compact design and sleek finish, this fridge will fit under a counter or in a freestanding location. The LED lights inside the fridge provide illumination for nighttime use, while the single zone design ensures that the entire unit stays at a consistent temperature. The three shelves are easily removed and replaced, making it easy to customize to your needs.

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  • The Staigis Beverage Refrigerator has a modern electric beverage cooler that uses advanced ecoenergy technology to chill beverages consistently and efficiently.
  • This refrigerator also features a sleek, stylish exterior that helps it complement existing decor and appliances, as well as a compact shape that makes it ideal for fitting into any location.
  • The refrigerator is also equipped with an LCD screen with touch function, allowing you to easily change settings and monitor the current temperature.
  • Finally, the refrigerator has dual layer glass, which helps insulate the contents and improve durability.


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  • Comes In A Variety Of Colors
  • Elegant See Through Glass Front Door
  • Easy To Set Temperature Control
  • Quiet And Advanced Cooling System
  • Flexible Placement


  • Compressor Leaks
  • Warranty Period Not As Long As Expected