STORi Stackable Organizer Multi size Dividers

The STORi 10-Piece Stackable Clear Drawer Organizer Set is perfect for organizing any room in your home. With its stackable design, you can create the perfect storage solution for your needs. This set comes with four different tray sizes to accommodate any need or desire. The perfect size for organizing makeup, cosmetics, toiletries, jewelry, kitchen utensils, office supplies, and more!

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  • The STORi 10piece Stackable Clear Drawer Organizer Set is an American made product that is assembled from high quality, durable materials.
  • This set comes with a variety of different sized trays that are meant to be used as dividers between each other.
  • Each tray has a recessed bottom so it can sit on top of another tray to create a stable structure.
  • This set also includes 10 pieces of dividers which are meant to be placed inside of the trays.
  • The country of origin for this product is made in the United States.


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  • Made In Usa
  • Durable
  • Shallow Drawers
  • Study Compared To Other Brands


  • May Be Too Small For Some Items